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Exploring MySpace (first of many parts) - Florence and The Machine vs Natalie Portman's Shaved Head

It’s been another hot day here at home* mostly browsing through new groups in MySpace and across different blogs. I found a couple of good ones (whose albums I’ll review in the near future), some pretty sucky ones and a few promising ones, which are on the verge of releasing their debut collections. Two of the latter are served right up..

Florence and The Machine
Originating from London, Florence Mary Leontine Welch is just releasing (June 9) her first single Kiss with a Fist on Moshi Moshi label. There are only a handful of songs I was able to find but her unique voice, color lyrics and right dose of madness where enough to make me include her in my list of artists to watch out for in the near future. Enjoy some of her tracks and pay her a visit at MySpace.

Kiss with a Fist

I'm Not Calling You A Liar

Girl With One Eye

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head
This is one of the weirdest (and more ridiculous) band names I’ve ever come upon. I therefore had no choice than to check them out at MySpace. This Seattle band is pure electro fun, both musically and lyrically. Their sound is influenced by 80’s samples and guarantees to start a party. Their lyrics are equally fun (or once again ridiculous), with lyrics such as “me and your daughter never looked hotter” and “you have to take care of your facial hair”. Their debut album Glistening Pleasure is coming out on July 15 but until then, check out their samples.

Sophisticated Side Ponytail

Beard Lust

Slow Motion Tag Team

* There are only two things that I’ve persistently refused to do for the last few years (for no apparent reason): watch even a single episode of LOST and install an air-conditioning unit at my place


Lost until 2009...

Our beloved series season 4 came to an end this week with a much-awaited double episode, which I had the opportunity to watch last night, during a special event organized by the greek LOST community. News of the whole event spread among many LOST fans mostly by mouth and at midnight, Friday the 30th of May a restless crowd of 20-somethings (along with a bunch of older fans, like us:) was gathered in front of a summer cinema in downtown Athens, waiting to storm the entrance and get the better seats for what it is to come.

The set-up for the event was excellent, and the execution flawless. A big Bravo to Zotos and company! The episode itself had its great moments, much action, quite a lot of funny lines and many many ridiculous ideas that had us laughing and commenting through the whole night.

It was way past 4.00 am when I managed to get back home and, naturally, I scourged the net to read the reviews and commentary on this episode and season 4 as a whole. I was quite surprised to see that within roughly 24h since the initial airing of the episode in the States, so much stuff was written about it! I especially enjoyed Liz and Jen's hilarious commentary here and here. These girls cover just about every aspect of what's going on in this crazy series!

Guess what Ben is doing in this pic!

The next season 5, is due to be aired in February 2009. Which means that we'll have to wait for almost 9 (NINE!) whole months...That's a bit of a long wait, however I reckon it will be worth it!


Thoughts from the European Jazz Festival

I finally decided to head downtown yesterday and pay my annual visit to the European Jazz Festival (on my first chance since I got back). This time I decided not to do my typical preparation (bag full of cocktails) and kept the alcohol to a minimum (only a few beers). Hosted in Gazi, the place was packed with all types of people (most of who pay no attention to the music whatsoever), from students (majority) to faking intellectuals and plain pretentious wankers. Ok, I’m sure there were some people that actually do like jazz in the place (I just love exaggerating).

So I first spent almost an hour touring around the exhibitions before trying to find a spot to rest and enjoy the music. Finding a spot took a while and of’ course I couldn’t listen to anything with all the crowd and poor sound setup. The first band I got to hear was the Deodato Siquir Trio from Denmark with their African influences (due to their drummer/singer). Not bad but no mater how much the singer tried, the crowd never got into the music and at the end they just gave up. The second band was The Eric Ineke Jazz Xpress from the Netherlands. I have the idea that they actually put the crowd to sleep but then again most of them where just looking for an excuse. Finally, the Wildbirds & Peacedrums from Sweden came out. A drummer and a singer that have more of a rock than jazz sound. I was already too tired from the whole scene that I only gave them 10 minutes but they didn’t manage to convince me (they try to blend rock with ethnic and avant-garde elements…but it just sounds like a rock wannabe-band who can’t find a guitarist to join them). Better luck next year (or perhaps I’m just not into all that jazz after all)..


Trouble Over Tokyo (news through the grapevine)

Today’s clip of the day (been a few days since we had one) comes from the second album of Trouble over Tokyo, who are having a UK album launch party on the 16th of June (anyone around London at the time be sure to check it out). The single The Liar is from the album Pyramides (out on Klein Records) and has been brought to our attention by T-Drom (which in turn was referred to by Dustroad and Elafini…or something like that). Enough said, enjoy the video (which kinds of sounds like Antony being remixed by Timberlake…in a good way!)


The Last Shadow Puppets - The Age of the Understatement

The Last Shadow Puppets were formed as a side project of Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) and Miles Kanes (Rascals) back in 2007. Their debut, The Age of the Understatement, was recorded in France during the summer and released at the beginning of May 2008. I’ve had the album in my PC for almost a month now, but I was never too keen on giving them a chance (until today). I’m never too hopeful with such collaborations (especially when it comes to Brits).

Regardless of my expectations, the album is not that bad. To be honest, a lot of people will instantly like it, as it revives symphonic pop and the 60’s rock sound. Names such as Scott Walker and David Bowie have been quoted by everyone for this album, and quite rightfully. Classic 60’s guitars and vocals, grand orchestrations performed by the London Metropolitan Orchestra and dramatic music as a soundtrack to their vocal harmonies set the scene of the record. This is really something completely different from what you would expect from these British youths (as every side project should be). However, as good as this revival sounds (and I admit it does sound good), the more I listen to their tracks the more I want to just put on an original track from the legends of the ear instead of them. On top of that, the future of this side project seems like a dead end unless they change their sound completely (since another similar album would bore even the fans of the current). You’ll probably find reviews all over the blogosphere praising this album but for me it is just too difficult to go back in time instead of moving forward. A really great production, but this is a pure revival (copycat) without really progressing the style or offering something which you won’t find in albums from the 60’s or 70’s. Good but not good enough (great retro album cover though)…

My Mistakes Were Made for You

I Don't Like You Anymore

Meeting Place

Lykke Li - Youth Novel

Lykke Li Zachrisson (as is her full name) is the new Swedish pop sensation from Stockholm that has taken bloggers by storm. She finally released her first album this year, Youth Novel, which is currently available only in Scandinavia and will be released in the UK on the 9th of June (for pre-orders or more of her music check out her website and MySpace page).

Youth Novel is one of the best pop albums to have come out this year (by far). Lykke’s unique voice and even more unique style more than justifies all the buzz. From the first couple of songs you will be thrown straight into her music mix. The first track Melodies & Desires is a minimalist composition (both musically and vocally) while the second track Dance Dance Dance brings in the rhythm and the pop elements in the forefront. This pattern is repeated all over the album, with bass lines, synths, saxophones and guitars making up a set of 12 songs that range from electro-dance to dream pop. The production is by Björn Yttling from Peter Bjorn and John, which of’ course adds even more style and tunes that will instantly get you hooked. Swedish pop once again at its best. Just check the following couple of songs and also her cute video and you’ll fall in love with her as well..

Dance Dance Dance

Complaint Department

Lykke fly with me back home

Lykke Li is my new Swedish love (one must have a Swedish music mistress at all times) from Stockholm. I will be reviewing her debut album Youth Novels as soon as I get home tonight (one of the disadvantages of these business meetings abroad is the inability to enjoy any music…since you need to pretend paying attention). She will be accompanying me with her music in both flights towards Athens today and will be on my must-see list for Roskilde. So, until my next post, enjoy her clip I'm Good, I'm Gone


The Icelanders are back...

Sigur Rós have finished producing their latest album (as I noticed on Crazymonkey and then in MySpace) and also released their first single. The new album was for the first time recorded outside Iceland, with locations including NY, London, Havana and good old Reykjavik. It is also the first time they include English vocals (at least in one track). The album, titled Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust (with a buzz in our ears we play endlessly), will be released on June 23, with presales starting on June 2nd. Their first single is Gobbledigook and you can download it for free from their website. Along with the single, they released an accompanying video which is quite interesting (keep them young, naked and running!)…

Update: The video has been removed from all over YouTube so you need to go their official site to see it (only works with IE and need to install QT...lame lame lame decision from their part). So instead, just find the song itself below

Sigur Rós - Gobbledigook


Indie Chicks we Love - Laura-Mary Carter

We posted about Laura-Mary a few days ago, reviewing her debut album under the dynamic duo Blood Red Shoes. While we were not totally impressed with the album, we were more than impressed with her. Laura is not the typical indie chick, in the sense that she is gorgeously sexy even without the guitar in her hands. Most people just reference her as the inverse Meg White but for us, she is on a league of her own. We really don’t care if she is ever able to make it big with Blood Red Shoes, she already won us over..

MoreThoughts from Abroad

After a hard day full of meetings and discussions (which continues today), I was able yesterday to enjoy another tradition here in San Sebastian, pinxtos. This is similar to the famous Spanish tapas, but the Basque version (which usually means more food on top of the bread). The real treat is not the food itself, but the whole experience that accompanies it. The proper way to eat pinxtos is something similar to bar hopping. At the start of the evening, one person collects all the money from the group and is responsible for paying for everything. You then charge into the different pinxto bars and enjoy a drink (usually beer or wine) and a pinxto (from a real treat of choices that are laying on the bar and you can just pickup without asking…everything is summed up at the end). Once finished, it’s time for the next one. The night ends when you run out of money (which is usually after 5 or 6 bars) or probably if you are unable to drink anymore. Another great fun idea that has not caught up in any other country…

PS. I found the picture of this pinxto bar from Google but I’m pretty sure it was either the 2nd or 3rd one we visited..


Elena y el Sexo

One of the strangest things about Savage Grace is the absolute lack of music. There is basically only one song in the whole movie (plus one more during the end titles) but both the song and the scene it is appears in are really something. On a beautiful Spanish beach, Elena Anaya (who we adored in Lucia y el Sexo back in 2001) makes her entrance and performs her sensual dance to the sounds of Howard Tate’s soul hit Ain’t Nobody Home. Elena may be getting older, but she still remains amazingly sexy and get’s our thumbs up every time..

I just had to upload the scene for everyone to enjoy, along with posting the original (wonderful) hit by Howard Tate. You can never get bored of some tunes (and such women)..

Howard Tate - Ain't nobody home


Savage Grace

Unable to watch more than 5 minutes from the Eurovision contest on Saturday night (which is actually 5 minutes more than I intended to watch), I decided to put on a DivX and enjoy Savage Grace instead. Tom Kalin’s 2007 film about the life and death of Barbara Baekeland was quite a strange take on this allegedly famous homicide. Kalin focuses on the strange relationships amongst this dysfunctional family in quite a superficial way, initially concentrating on the social life and status of the Baekeland family and later focusing on the sexual relationships and issues of homosexuality. While the photography, beautiful scenery (from Spain) and cinematography takes us back in time and gorgeously sets the scene, the script and especially the dialogues are too sparse and out of context, in some cases sounding even random. This makes it impossible to get into the character’s mentality and unfortunately disappoints in taking the story to the next level. I personally found the film quite enjoyable (although the disturbing storyline may upset some people) but mostly because it saved me from watching the Eurovision contest. As far as the actors were concerned, Julianne Moore was once again a joy to watch, Stephen Dillane was somewhat nonchalant, Eddie Redmayne (the family’s son) was quite convincing and Elena Anaya was the beloved Blanca (for whom we will dedicate our next post). Recommended only as a visual trip to sunny Spain or a break from the usual Hollywood blockbusters.


Thoughts from Abroad (who cares?)

As fellow blogger BLR commented, I’m once again back in the Basque country. After my previous visit to Bilbao, this time I’m at rainy, yet still beautiful, San Sebastian. Unfortunately I’ve had some problems with the wireless back in my hotel so I was unable to publish any of my planned posts yesterday.
I did have the joy though of touring around the city (especially the seafront) and also visiting a near-by village named Getaria, where some of my Basque colleagues had prepared a perfect dinner at their local Txokos. Txokos is a local tradition here in the Basque country; a sort of gastronomic society (once exclusively for men) where professional facilities (kitchen, barbeque, dinning tables) are available and you bring your own stuff and cook with friends. Booze and cleaning up is provided by the society, so you actually have the chance of enjoying cooking and eating without the added burdens. A perfect idea, which unfortunately hasn’t caught up in other places. Nevertheless, a great break from my typical meetings and social events abroad. It’s back to posts and work now…


Can't sweat it out - FGSSTOFAC*

*For God's Sake, Somebody Turn On the F*cking A/C!

River is enjoying the summer breeze in San Sebastian, pretending to work as always. We are stuck here, on the other hand, melting away, suffering from the unbearable heat in our cramped office spaces:( That Bastard ! ! !

I want to relax and listen to some cool pieces - and by saying cool, I mean songs made by people that rarely experience above 0C environments. Canadians, for example. This might help a bit :D I've compiled a string of my latest favorites (mostly older songs) to help us appreciate this great nation via back-to-back listening.

Oh I promise, this will be my last reference to Canada! You ain't gonna hear no more the 'C' word from me now on, people... Never ever again!

Broken Social Scene - Superconnected

Metric - Dead Disco

Stars - Ageless Beauty


No Cool Dead Black Kids - Answers

As promised, here are the answers to our previous quick quiz along with a track for each of the bands:

A. No kids - IV. Indie pop
Canadian band which debuted in 2008 with Come into My House

For Halloween

B. Cool kids – I. Alternative rap
Chicago hip-hop duo which also debuted in 2008 with Bake Sale

Black mags

C. Dead kids – III. Post punk
London based new wave-post punk group that released their first EP Dead Wife Pills/Ex Rays back in 2006

Fear and Fluoride

D. Black kids – II. Indie rock
Florida’s internet buzz group that has everyone waiting for their debut album Hurricane Jane in June.

I’m not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance With You


My Brightest Diamond - A Thousand Sharks Teeth

This is actually the sophomore album of My Brightest Diamond (Shara Worden), although a remix album was released after her debut. Shara Worden’s musical upcoming is that of opera and classical music, which is quite evident in both her albums. And while in her debut Bring Me the Workhorse the rock side of her was more dominant, this time around it’s the opposite. Both albums do share the same pattern though, starting with rock tracks that bring PJ Harvey in mind and slowly mellowing down into dreamy orchestrations. Shara has a high pitch ethereal voice which makes her differ from most artists but will also alienate a lot of audiences. I have to be honest, I found the intro of the album very promising, with Inside a Boy and The Ice & The Storm setting the scene for a female rock album that we’ve kind of missed the last few years, only to be left asking for more since the rest of the album follows a completely different path, more of a blend of Cocorosie, Bjork and a string quartet. Perhaps some may enjoy this, but it is definitely not my cup of cake. I’m more keen into her first album, although it did suffer of the same problem (in lesser extend though). The record is out June 17 on Asthmatic Kitty Records. Until then enjoy some samples..
Inside A Boy

Bass Player


Blood Red Shoes – Box of Secrets

Brighton’s Laura-Mary Carter and Steven Ansell came together when they were each rejected by their bands (Cat on Form and Lady Muck) as redundant. They formed a dynamic duo with punk/rock inspirations and after releasing a 7’’EP back in 2005 and a number of follow-up singles they started touring all over the UK, earning reputation for their performances.
Box of Secrets finally came out in mid-April this year, after almost a year’s delay and with all the hype following the band almost forgotten. You get the same feeling from their debut album as well; you can clearly see what all the fuzz was about but it all seems to wear out after a number of tracks. Ok, perhaps I make it sound a bit more of a letdown than what it really is. Let’s not forget that this is their debut, and for their first take on the scene it is definitely not a bad one (but not a memorable one either). Most people will quickly compare them to White Stripes (with inverse roles thought) and unfortunately this puts even more pressure to the youngsters (mind you, their music is nothing like White Stripes). I will say that the elements that could make (or brake) this band (duo) are there, they just need a bit of polishing and some more fresh ideas. While some tracks like It’s Getting Boring by the Sea, You Bring me Down and I Wish I was Something Better are really punchy and form the basis of solid live performances, the album also contains tracks like This is Not For You, Forgive Nothing and Hope You are Holding Up which are plain dull. One thing is for certain, I definitely want to check them out live! (especially Laura-Mary...but that will be part of a future post...until then enjoy a couple of their best songs from the album and a video to see what I'm talking about...)

I Wish I Was Someone Better

It’s Getting Boring by the Sea

You Bring Me Down


No Cool Dead Black Kids

Finally weekend and some time to rest...I'm preparing a number of posts but will probably be delayed cause today is one of the hottest days this year and I plan on spending most of my time outside (plan is the key word). Until then..a quick quiz!

Match the band with the style:

A. No kids
B. Cool kids
C. Dead kids
D. Black kids

I. alternative rap
II. indie rock
III. post punk
IV. indie pop

The answer on an upcoming post (along with some samples)!

PS. Three of them released their debut album (or planning to) in 2008 and one of them in 2006.


Weekend Mix (summer style)

My review of Cut Copy has put me in the summer mood (it's Friday after all) and what better way to kick-start the weekend than a mixtape! While I have been quite keen to indie sounds during the past few weeks, with a lot of rock and even more noise, I still like to get away with some dance tunes. In this mixtape you'll find a collection of bands (13 actually) that in the past couple of years have created a scene of synth-pop/80's/retro-disco revival. If you hated the 80's, I guess this is your worst nightmare! If only I could find that old walkman of mine...

PS. The complete list of bands (so you can check them out yourself) is: The Teenagers, Hot Chip, Simian Mobile Disco, The Ting Tings, Calvin Harris, Cut Copy, Neon Neon, Does this offend you? Yeah, Ratatat, LCD Soundsystem, Justice, Hercules and Love Affair, Ghostland Observatory


Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours

Cut Copy are an electro-dance band from Australia. The mastermind behind the trio is DJ and producer Dan Whitford, who draws his inspiration from 80’s pop/disco songs. Back in 2004 they became known with their Bright Like Neon Love album (released worldwide in 2006) and now are back (released at the start of April) with their second album In Ghost Colours (in the meantime they also released a DJ compilation from Fabric).
The new album follows the same track as their debut (no surprise here). A mix of synth pop, indie vocals, ethereal voices and retro 80’s tunes are thrown alongside dance bits, French electro-house and doses of new wave. Sounds like a real mayhem bound to fail, but here’s where Whitford’s genius (along with the magic touches from DFA’s “hit-machine” producer Tim Goldsworthy) come into play. All of the songs are a breeze to listen to, with pop melodies and lyrics in the foreground and everything else supplementing instead of confusing the listener. In other words, while there are endless elements thrown around in each track, they still remain pop/dance tunes that will get you dancing or singing along. Cut Copy have created another favorite album to accompany us during our summer vacations and in contrast to most albums I have reviewed lately, this one doesn’t require multiple listening; it’s instantly enjoyable! (having said that, this is it's only drawback; instant fun, great soundtrack for the summer but nothing more...)

Hearts on Fire

Lights and Music

PS. Some of the tracks (like Hearts on Fire and Lights and Music) have given tremendous hype to the band, which for the last weeks has been toping most of the blog-websphere


Indie Chicks we Love - Ida Maria Sivertsen

Raised in Norway and hailed in Sweden, Ida Maria Sivertsen brings pop with punky female-vocals back in play (Blondie just pops straight into mind). Ida Maria has managed to build a name for herself and after performing at local clubs and venues in Sweden, she made her breakthrough by the usual means of MySpace (check out her page) and also through her appearance at BBC’s Later with Jools Holland. She is now touring the UK and we are waiting for her debut album Fortress Round My Heart on August 4th. Her musical style, punk-crash looks and punchy vocals make her another indie chick favorite of ours. Check out a few of her songs (including my favorite Better When You’re Naked…exactly what I was thinking) and also the video to her last single Queen Of The World.

Better When You’re Naked

Oh My God


The Kills fighting it out

The Kill's last album (Midnight Boom) was one of the first we ever reviewed in this blog (see here) and went straight into our favorite albums of the year list (which currently exists only in our heads). From the very first time you hear The Kills you can feel the tension between Jamie Hince και η Alison Mosshart (you can bet she will soon appear in our Indie Chicks we Love theme). Finally they decided to let it out and offered all of us a peek in their latest video of Last Day of Magic. Violence at its best...


Quick Fixes of Music Reviews

I’ve been switching between albums quite often recently and I end up posting singles but leaving promised reviews behind. Guess the only way to get back on track is to present some quick reviews (otherwise they’ll just never appear). Here we go..

Los Campesinos – Hold on Now, Youngster
This group from Cardiff actually deserves more than just a quick review but I already justified myself. Reminding the likes of Architecture in Helsinki and Arcade Fire (the music influences of the former and craziness and freshness of the latter), Los Campensinos released back in February a stunning debut album combining punk, indie pop/rock and dance bits in an energetic album filled with strange/funny/witty lyrics in an up-tempo format that will accompany us for the rest of the summer. You really need to get your hands on this…Excellent

Los Campsinos – Don’t Tell Me To Do Maths

The Mystery Jets – Twenty One
They are back with their second album (although they did release an intermediate one only in the States). This band is kind of tricky; they’re not bad and they definitely know how to produce solid hits. The real problem is they lack something (good or bad) that would set them apart from the rest of their kind. Twenty One also shares the same problem, a solid album that will not annoy anyone but will not make many fans either. I won’t mind if they end up in my music mixes, but I don’t see myself coming back to their album in a few months time…By the way, as opposed to their singles Two Doors Down and Young Love, it was Behind the Bunhouse that kind of stood out for me (which doesn’t really tie in with the rest of the album)

The Mystery Jets - Behind the Bunhouse

The Ruby Suns – Sea Lion
There seems to be a real trend (scene) going on with bands experimenting with indie, psychedelic pop and prog-rock and mixing it up with ethic/world elements. It started with Yeasayer and Vampire Weekend and is now followed by Ruby Suns’ Sea Lion. The album is a real trip from Kenya to Thailand and Hawaii to New Zealand. It’s definitely more focused on the ethnic elements than the other bands, mixed however with modern sounds of synths and pop elements. To be totally honest, this is not my style (as opposed to Yeasayer whose album I loved) but the album is indeed something different and worth a number of listenings. If nothing else, it’s a dreamy soundtrack during work-hours..

The Ruby Suns- There Are Birds


It's National time (Fly Beyond Festival 08)

Thanks to Pluto from Pluto Music Mag who posted about this year's Fly Beyond Festival (I had totally forgotten about it). Only the first day has been announced but, recalling last's years program, only this day will be of interest to us. The program for the day is (July 15):
As most of you will probably guess...I'll only head there for The National (which should have been the real headliners...but I won't mind at all seeing the Massives and Gogol)


Indie Chicks we Love - Kate Nash

From time to time, it’s good to get away from good music and focus on superficial aspects (although everyone out there will suggest the opposite). So what if her debut album was nothing more than an amusing mix of modern love scenes and intimate stories narrated through slang londoner lyrics. As far as the music goes, a happy mix of pop sounds accompanied by the casual piano tunes. To be noted, her album (Made of Bricks) is not that bad, just nothing really new or above average. Having said that, we still recommend Kate Nash just cause she’s 21, sweet and indie (by looks not music). What can I say, really beautiful she ain’t, neither does she have a great body, nor anything else that would made her stand out in a crowd…all the right ingredients for an indie chick. Just how we like them :-)


Monika's Avatar brings Athens66 back home

So far, this blog has concentrated mostly on worldwide indie/alternative/pop (and many more genres) music but never actually made any reference to any local bands or artists (ironic for a blog under the name Athens66). Not up until now that is..
This is yet another short post prior to a full review. To be honest, the actual review may take a bit longer than hoped for, since I need to get off my ass and head (after some years) to a local record shop and acquire Monika's debut album Avatar. The album was released a couple of days ago (May 19) from Archangel Music. The 21 year-old singer/composer Monika Christodoulou writes beautiful indie/folk songs with influences from most of my favorite artists (from arcade fire to blonde redhead and from cocorosie to lali puna) with her own unique personal style.
There has been quite some hype following Monika and her (awaited) debut album, so I'll be patient until I get my hands on a copy and post an in-depth review. Until then, check her live performance of her single Over the Hill back in February and be sure to check out her other songs on her MySpace page.


For all the Ladies...(take II)

I usually don't post anything I receive by the usual FWD email (just dump them straight into my junk folder). However, this ad I just received from a colleague complements my previous post today...Geeky? Corny? Cheesy? (all checked)..

Los Campesinos made my day

I'm currently listening to the debut album by Los Campesinos (Hold On Now,Youngster) and I just had to give you a peek before the full review. The album was released back in February this years, but it's never too late to discover such as fresh band. I've been spotting their name all over the internet and today I finally decided to give them a chance. The only thing I can think of to compensate for my delay is to dedicate them my Tune of the Day. Glorious indie pop (flirting with twee) which could prove a great soundtrack for this summer..Enjoy their hit You! Me! Dancing!


For all the Ladies...

Let's start off the day with some love...Conchord style..Two sexy, loving, caring songs for all the ladies out there, courtesy of the Flight of the Conchords. For any of you unfamiliar with the duo from New Zealand (Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement), Flight of the Conchords is a pop-folk comedy pair that started off with stand-up acts and after critical acclaim in various festivals (including Edinburgh Fringe Festival) they landed a radio show in BBC2. Since then, they have released a couple of albums (including their latest self-titled one under the cult Sub Pop label) and also have their own TV show at HBO (on their way to season two). But enough said, let the ladies gather around for some love...

Ladies of the World

Business Time


Driving down lovers lane

I'm still checking out new bands (this time around I had a bit more luck). It will however take me some time until I get all these sounds clear in my mind. Until then, I tried to (once again) get away with another stunning album from the past, 16 Lovers Lane from "The Smiths own under", The Go-Betweens. Listening to tracks like Love Goes On and Was There Anything I Could Do you realize how this band was able to produce mainstream pop songs without following popular rules of songwriting. An absolute joy to listen in yet another really frustrating hot day..

Stuck behind the Curtains

I'm kind of repeating myself here but today I've been musically in a deadlock (with a couple of new bands that I downloaded sounding completely crap). So I spent most of my morning listening to Tinderstick's Curtains and Battles' Mirrored (what a strange combination). I think the heat is starting to get to me..
As a short clip for today (until I get anything really interesting to post about), here's Tonto from Battles. Battles collaborated with light artists UVA (United Visual Artists) for this clip and along with their great song, they make my Clip of the Day


Blame Canada!

I must be passing through my 'Canadian' phase in music taste... Bands like Broken Social Scene, the Stars, Metric, and of course the everlasting Arcade Fire, dominate my musical preferences for the time being. I must say that these guys and gals know about innovation and especially about ROCKing!!!

This clip is dedicated to a friend who arguably believes that 'he lied about death' is the best that the Stars have to show off at the moment. And she is quite right, if I may say! Please forget the video, it's the audio that counts!


End of Censorship

Our blog is once again open for comments (after a short period of voluntary censorship). We are open (and looking forward) to your opinions and criticism - we retain the right to erase them anyway :-)


The Good, the Bad and the plain Weird (the road to Satisfaction)

On another Monday morning (we all know how difficult these are) I took comfort on Otis Redding’s masterpiece Blue (which has been re-released as a Collector’s edition). And while I was ready to post something about this musical gem, I wondered off into a cover track contained in the record, the hit-piece Satisfaction. The original was of’ course written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards back in 1965 and ever since 95 other artists have made a cover of it, from masters like Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix to duffers like Samantha Fox and Vanilla Ice. You can find the complete list of covers on SecondHandSongs but we decided to make a mega-video-posting here with our top, worst and strangest takes on this rock-and-roll piece of history.

The Good
Otis Redding
This is just a masterpiece. As much as I love originals, this version is how the song was intended to be heard.

One of the best covers ever made (of any song). Devo deconstructed the original and ended up with a kick-ass punk version that I actually love even more than the Stone’s.

The Bad
Vanilla Ice
I can’t really decide what’s worst, Vanilla’s outfit or his mockery of a song.

Britney Spears
Just when you thought she couldn’t get any worst (even worst than her acting in How I Met Your Mother). Now that I think of it, she is actually on her own league along with David Hasselhoff!!

and The Plain Weird
Cat Power
Ok, this is not that weird in general, but given the likes of Cat Power, I have no clue why she did this cover..

The Residents
A cover by the Residents, need I say more?


Surf's up, Glasvegas style

Another band from Glasgow to watch out for, Glasvegas (Glasgow-Las Vegas) are a combination or retro rockabilly and surf-rock blended with a Scottish accent. They have only released a number of singles so far, with NME praising them as the next best thing. The collection of singles I’ve heard so far are quite promising, but I’ll be waiting until mid June, when their first album is coming out. We’ll keep you informed as soon as we get our hands on their release (hopefully it will be leaked quite quickly). Until then check out their Daddy’s Gone single.


Metrics make Sundays feel good

Pure coincidence led me to stumble upon Metric this Sunday morning, a Canadian/New Yorker band whose sound can be accurately described as the Cardigans meet the Stars. All I can say is that they provide the perfect soundtrack for an enjoyable morning coffee, which is quite a lot for my standards! There are few clips on YouTube, mostly live performances, so it took me an hour to find a suitable video to post. Enjoy!

PS. Their last published album 'Grow up and Blow away' was actually recorded in 1999 but came out the shelves only last year. What injustice! Apparently, the music business needs to rely more heavily on metrics...


Gold Soundz from the past

Today has been a really lay-back-and-enjoy type of Saturday, with the sun shinning gloriously upon the whole city...what a better mood for chilling and putting some of your favorite old albums on the stereo. And this brings us to today's Tune of the Day, from the original lo-fi indie rockers Pavement. What a better soundtrack to today's weather than their first two albums Slanted & Enchanted and Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain. Our tune comes from the latter and is accompanied by a typically ridiculous Pavement video. Enjoy..


The Bodies are Back in Web

Our favorite web-seriers-only is back!! IFC has partnered with and agreed to co-produce a third season of Joe Swanberg's hit Young American Bodies. Season 3 premieres on May 27th at site and I'm certainly waiting for the 12 brand new episodes. In the meantime, all the previous episodes from the first two seasons are now also hosted in IFC.PS. I'll be checking out the other web series of IFC soon, with a couple of them looking really promising (and another couple looking really lame).

The Team

Athens66 started off as a common project by a bunch of friends but quickly turned into almost a personal blog (although some remains of previous posts can still be found). Currently, the Team has been narrowed down to two members, who besides being old friends and schoolmates share the same joy for Music, Movies, Alcohol and Pro Evolution sessions.

The sole purpose of this blog is to shout out whatever comes in mind about movies, music, reality, fantasy and all the rest. Nothing posted here is to be taken seriously, but then again what is? Since this blog is still quite fresh, we are definitely open to suggestions and directions (although most of them will just be ignored)

Team Members


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